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Stakater App Agility Platform Key Differentiators

Stakater App Agility Platform is a true hybrid-cloud enabler. All components of Stakater App Agility Platform use common standards which can run on any cloud service, so it is easy for you to run in a hybrid environment, as well as migrate from one cloud to another. We don’t just run the platform, we enable it for you, giving you substantial Return on your Investment

  • We support infra nodes, i.e. we fully manage nodes that run all managed addons of your choice.
  • We manage the addons as well; and provide SLA on them.
  • We support public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google, OpenStack & VMWare) as well as on-premises.
  • Our SREs have full-stack development experience; so they understand the needs of applications and their runtimes.
  • A managed container orchestration platform is much more than making an API available: it is an environment designed with client support and acceleration in mind
  • Having a fully automated and industrialized systems management is the only way to reduce operative risks, keep costs under control, reinforce security and scale with guarantees
  • Not all managed container services are created equal – and the differences in the definition are the difference between being left alone or having a dedicated team working in solving client issues

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