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Add new environment

To add new environment in cluster do following steps in GitOps directory:

  • Add environment folder inside cluster's ArgoCD folder located in sre tenant directory. <sre-tenant>/<cluster>/argocd/<env>

  • Add environment folder inside config folder located in application tenants directory <application-tenant>/configs/<env>/argocd/

  • Add environment folder in each application directory located in application tenants directory

    • <01-tenant>/<01-application>/<env>
    • <01-tenant>/<n-application>/<env>
    • <n-tenant>/<n-application>/<env>
  • Add space file inside each application tenants config directory <application-tenant>/configs/<env>/space.yaml

    kind: Space
      name: <tenant>-<env>
        team: <tenant>
        kind: <env> 'true'
      tenant: <tenant>

Replace angle brackets with following values in above templates: - <tenant>: Name of the tenant - <application-tenant>: Name of application tenant - <sre-tenant>: Name of SRE tenant - <env>: Environment name - <nexus-repo>: URL of Nexus repository

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