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Configure GitHub Access

In this section, you'll learn how to configure GitHub access by generating a Fine-grained Personal Access Token (PAT) and setting up webhook security. These steps are essential for establishing a secure and automated Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline using pipeline-as-code concepts.

A Fine-grained PAT ensures that your CI/CD pipeline can securely interact with your GitHub repositories. By generating a token with finely controlled permissions, you grant the pipeline only the specific access it requires, reducing potential security risks.


  • Generate a Fine-grained PAT with the necessary permissions for pipeline integration.
  • Obtain the necessary GitHub access credentials and permissions required for creating and integrating a pipeline-as-code setup.

Key Results

  • Personal Access Token (PAT) with the specified permissions is generated successfully in the GitHub account.


  1. Generate a Fine-grained Token (PAT) on GitHub. PAT (Fine-grained): Allows you to select repositories from your GitHub organization that can use the token.Create a fine-grained token with the below-mentioned permissions for your source code repository:

    • Go to your GitHub account settings for the top-right corner on your profile.

    • Navigate to Developer settings

    • Go to Personal access tokens.

    • From drop-down select Fine-grained Tokens.
    • Click Generate new token.

    • Provide a name for the token.
    • Select the Resource owner(your organization).
    • Provide Repository access (source code repository) to this token.
    • Select the following scopes/permissions:

      • Administration (Read only)
      • Commit status (Read only)
      • Contents (Read only)
      • Metadata (Read only)
      • Pull requests (Read and write)
      • Webhook (Read and write)


    Save the token cautiously, you will need this to create a secret.

Awesome! Let's move to next tutorial and create a Webhook for our pipeline.

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