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Deploying Delivery Pipeline




This section provides the pre-requisite steps for this workshop

Fork Repository

Go to the following URL and fork the repo

Stakater-Nordmart-inventory Repository


Create Personal Access Token

A Personal Access Token would be required to perform steps in a Tekton Pipeline

Login to your GitHub account and generate a Personal Access Token via this following URL:

Access needed for the token are:

  • repo
  • admin:repo_hook


Create Project

oc new-project NAMESPACE_NAME

Deploy Inventory Microservice

Save the manifest, will be used going forward, and deploy inventory microservice in your namespace

1.3.1 Download Manifest

oc apply -f -n NAMESPACE_NAME

Delivery Pipeline

This section will provide step by step instructions to run a Delivery pipeline using Tekton:

Clone Repository

Clone the repository:

git clone

Switch directory:

cd stakater-pipeline-library/tekton-pipelines/

Apply RBAC (Role Based Access Control)

Apply necessary RBAC resources for the pipeline:

oc apply -f tekton-builder-rbac.yaml -n <NAMESPACE_NAME>
oc apply -f tekton-create-webhook-rbac.yaml -n <NAMESPACE_NAME>

Replace Placeholders

  2. Update secrets and provide relevant values

Create Secrets for Pipeline

These secrets will be required to access GitHub and container registry during the pipeline

3.2.1 Provide GitHub Credentials

Configure Tekton pipeline to access GitHub by the secret: secret-github-credentials.yaml

vi secrets/secret-github-credentials.yaml

Provide base64 encoded username, email and password of GitHub account in the given fields respectively.

TIP: Convert text to base64:

echo -n "YOUR_TEXT" | base64

Apply Secrets:

oc apply -f secrets/. -n <NAMESPACE_NAME>

Create Resources, Tasks, Pipelines, Conditions

Create PipelineResource, Task, Pipeline, Conditions:

oc apply -f resources/ -n <NAMESPACE_NAME>
oc apply -f tasks/ -n <NAMESPACE_NAME>
oc apply -f pipelines/ -n <NAMESPACE_NAME>
oc apply -f conditions/ -n <NAMESPACE_NAME>

Run Pipeline

Run Pipeline via creating a PipelineRun resource to trigger the pipeline:

oc apply -f pipelinerun/pipeline-run.yaml -n <NAMESPACE_NAME>

Verify Pipeline

Verify the triggered Pipeline from the dashboard on the Left Pane Pipeline Runs -> inventory-pipeline

Pipeline run

Verify new Image

Verify that the new image is available in your registry

Verify new Tags

Verify forked repository to new newly pushed tag

Forked Repository


In case of openshift-registry the REGISTRY_URL will be image-registry.openshift-image-registry.svc:5000/NAMESPACE_NAME. Also, there is no need to add registry credentials in that case because we'll add registry-editor role to our service account using oc policy add-role-to-user registry-editor -z stakater-tekton-builder

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