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Stakater secrets management#

Secrets management is a fundamental aspect of complying with security certifications, for example ISO 27001 A.8.1 specifies the need for inventory of assets and ownership of assets.

Stakater offers a number of services for managing secrets in Kubernetes using HashiCorp Vault. The right offer for your needs depends on your current situation.

Secrets management assessment#

With a secret management assessment, Stakater will assess your current secret management architecture and give you all the insights and knowledge on how to bring it onto the next level.

Architecture and design#

To benefit from everything HashiCorp Vault has to offer and how it best suits your needs, Stakater will lead you through the design of the best fitting solution. Stakater investigates what authentication or authorization secrets you want to keep safe, what policies are relevant to you and how to integrate Vault into your workflows.


Stakater can perform prototyping to test the secrets environment you have built yourself or help you with the initial implementation, configuration, integration and testing.


If you have an existing initial concept of your HashiCorp Vault platform, Stakater can help to deploy, configure and integrate Vault to achieve production readiness using cloud native and GitOps methods and HashiCorp best practices.

Managed service#

If you rather not manage HashiCorp Vault yourself, Stakater can manage it for you through our fully managed cloud offering. Stakater Vault allows your organization to get up and running quickly, with the platform providing the reliability and security needed so you do not have to manage Vault yourself. Stakater Vault enables you to manage secrets and protect sensitive data with a lower total cost of ownership compared to managing your own instance.