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External Secret Operator Workflow

This diagram explains how Multi Tenant Operator works together with Vault and External Secrets Operator:



Step 1

In externalSecret we define details of secrets available in Vault and secret store that reference Vault connection and authentication details.

Step 2

Secret Store tenant-vault-secret-store is already created in each namespace by Multi Tenant Operator templates. It refers to service account tenant-vault-access for authentication. Secret Store also refers to Vault role created with the same name as namespace name by Multi Tenant Operator.

Step 3

Service account tenant-vault-access being referred by SecretStore is already created by Multi Tenant Operator templates. This service account has the 'true' label, which is used to bound it with the Vault role by Multi Tenant Operator. To learn how Multi Tenant Operator authenticates with Vault, see Vault Multitenancy.

Step 4

Vault verifies if the defined service account has access to role and role has an attached policy that grants access to requested path.

Step 5

After authentication is successful, external secrets get data from the path requested from Vault.

Step 6

Kubernetes secret is created from the values stored in Vault.

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