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Cost of the Service and Settlement Procedure#

Version: 29 Jan 2024

A. The reporting period for the Service is one calendar month.

B. The cost of the Services provided in the reporting period is calculated in accordance with the rules and conditions specified in these Terms of Service, as well as in the Order, in proportion to the number of months included in the reporting period.

C. The payment of 100% of the cost of the Service provided shall be made at the end of the concerned reporting period no later than thirty (30) banking days from the end of the reporting period based on the invoice issued and sent by Stakater by email.

D. The procedure for delivery and acceptance of the Service is set out in the Agreement.

E. All prices are shown without VAT. The amount of VAT is paid by the Customer in addition to the cost of the Services. The VAT rate is determined by the current Tax Code of the country of residence from which Stakater will provide the Service.