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Technical Support

Version: 4 May 2023

To create a support ticket, see Stakater Support.

Service Type Non-Prod Prod
Incident response time Up to 30 min Up to 15 min
24x7x365 monitoring and handling cluster incidents No Yes
Technical advice on cluster architecture and applications during regular business hours Yes, billed separately Yes, billed separately
Voice consultations with lead engineers during regular business hours No Yes, billed separately
Dedicated technical contact No Yes
Delivery of the Service when Stakater does not have direct SSH access to the cluster. Direct SSH access means access via a public IP address or access via a site-to-site VPN. No Yes
Audit by the Information Security Service (ISS) involving conference calls with the Customer's ISS specialists, discussing the system design and practices used, and evaluating results of the audit conducted by the Customer's ISS. No Yes, up to 5 h

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