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Composition of the Service

Version: 14 Apr 2023

The Managed OpenShift service includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

  • The post-installation technical support of the OpenShift clusters, and auxiliary software components, including regular updates using the latest versions of clusters and auxiliary components developed by Stakater along with monitoring systems and components for aggregating operating parameters of the cluster.

  • Consulting assistance to the Customer representatives: software developers, system administrators, engineers, and other technical specialists interacting with Stakater on behalf of the Customer (elsewhere referred to as the Contact persons), carried out as part of the post-installation technical support of the Customer to the extent and following the rules stipulated in these Terms of Service.

  • Monitoring of the health of the OpenShift clusters, responding to failures and errors in their operation in accordance with the rules defined in the Regulations.

  • Correcting errors promptly, developing, upgrading, and adapting auxiliary components of OpenShift clusters carried out by engineers of Stakater in accordance with their own production plans and internal technical regulations or as agreed upon by the Parties.

The Customer agrees that the Service is carried out using Stakater's software tools that operate on an "as is" basis.

The Customer undertakes to take into account the recommendations of Stakater concerning the operation of OpenShift clusters maintained by Stakater. These recommendations are aimed at preventing possible failures of the OpenShift clusters maintained by Stakater. The Customer shall be responsible for any risks arising due to ignoring such recommendations.

The liability of Stakater is limited to fines and penalties imposed on Stakater under these Terms of Service. Stakater shall not be held liable for losses incurred by the Customer in connection with the provision of the Service.

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