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A OpenStack account is needed to create and manage cluster on Binero OpenStack. The following criteria must be met:

  • An account on Binero.
  • A Stakater user (ask Stakater team for the email to use for this user) with admin privileges.
  • Resource limits must be applied on the account and the following resources must be allowed to be created; ask Binero support to increase the quotas as below
Type Limit
Instances 100
vCPUs 200
Volumes 1000
Snapshots 1000
Storage 1000TB
Floating IPs 10
Security Groups 100
Security Groups Rules 1000
Ports 5000
Routers 10

Network usage#

  • 5000 GB included free per month
  • Extra will be charged 0.25 SEK per GB per month

Cloud network configuration#

Floating Ips#

  • 20 SEK per IPV4 IP Address