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Key Features#

Fully managed enterprise Kubernetes#

  • Professionally managed infrastructure
  • Automated deployment of OpenShift clusters
  • Automated scaling configuration
  • High availability and disaster recovery management
  • Storage configuration and backup management
  • Network and firewall management
  • Patch and upgrade management
  • Provision management, security, backup, network components
  • Security processes and controls aligned with industry standards.
  • Virtual network integration
  • Persistent storage volumes
  • Flexible pricing and consumption. Use existing clouds or purchase a standard cluster through Stakater.

Full-service clusters#

  • World class support
  • Global regional availability
  • End-to-end service including building, installing, upgrading, managing, and maintaining every cluster.
  • High uptime (99.5% uptime SLA and support)

Supporting services#

  • Automated development workflows
  • System service monitoring and log management
  • Identity and access management
  • Compliance and security policy enforcement
  • Performance and capacity management
  • Image and registry management

Stakater App Agility Platform Matrix