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Key Differentiators#

Stakater App Agility Platform is a true hybrid-cloud enabler. All components of Stakater App Agility Platform use common standards which can run on any cloud service, so it is easy for you to run in a hybrid environment, as well as migrate from one cloud to another. We don't just run the platform, we enable it for you, giving you substantial Return on your Investment

  • We support infra nodes, i.e. we fully manage nodes that run all managed addons of your choice.
  • We manage the addons as well; and provide SLA on them.
  • We support public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google, OpenStack & VMware) as well as on-premises.
  • Our SREs have full-stack development experience; so they understand the needs of applications and their runtimes.
  • A managed container orchestration platform is much more than making an API available: it is an environment designed with client support and acceleration in mind
  • Having a fully automated and industrialized systems management is the only way to reduce operative risks, keep costs under control, reinforce security and scale with guarantees
  • Not all managed container services are created equal – and the differences in the definition are the difference between being left alone or having a dedicated team working in solving client issues
Benefit Description
Quicker return on investment Get up and running quickly
Reduce operational overhead Fully managed from infrastructure to day to day operations
SRE support Enhance security with automated patching and upgrades with zero downtime
Empower developer productivity Focus on developing apps that add value to the business
Flexible consumption based pricing Optimize costs with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model (monthly binding)
Avoid lock-in SAAP can be deployed on a wide choice of IaaS platforms
Sandboxed environments Try out new ideas in a low-risk sandboxed environment
Time to market Deliver new software features faster, focusing on customer value rather than infrastructure complexities
Cost reduction Remove the cost and complexity of provisioning, managing and scaling the underlying infrastructure, OS and middleware components
Efficient devops Realise more value from your DevOps team by allowing them to focus on the 'Dev' rather than 'Ops'