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In the dynamic landscape of cloud-native applications, ensuring security and compliance is paramount. Stakater App Agility Platform (SAAP) includes Gatekeeper as a managed addon to fortify your Kubernetes clusters, bringing policy enforcement to the forefront of your operational strategy.

Key Features and Benefits#

  • Policy Governance: Gatekeeper is your dedicated policy enforcement engine, allowing you to define and enforce policies that ensure security, compliance, and operational best practices within your Kubernetes environment.

  • Declarative Policy Language: Utilize a declarative and intuitive policy language to define constraints, allowing you to enforce rules efficiently and effectively.

  • Real-Time Compliance: Gatekeeper continuously monitors and validates your Kubernetes configurations in real-time, alerting you to violations and helping you maintain a compliant state.

  • Custom Policies: Tailor policies to your specific requirements, ensuring that your applications and infrastructure align with your organization's unique compliance standards.

  • Intelligent Decision-Making: With Gatekeeper, your policies are applied as admission control, allowing you to make intelligent, proactive decisions regarding the deployment and configuration of resources.