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In the fast-paced world of cloud-native applications, achieving the perfect balance between resource utilization and application performance is crucial. Our Managed Vertical Pod Autoscaler addon takes the complexity out of optimizing your Kubernetes workloads, ensuring that your applications run at peak efficiency without the hassle of manual adjustments.

What is Vertical Pod Autoscaler (VPA)?#

Vertical Pod Autoscaler (VPA) is a key component of Kubernetes that dynamically adjusts resource requests and limits for your container workloads based on their resource utilization. It helps your applications run smoothly by ensuring they have the right amount of CPU and memory resources available, minimizing waste and performance bottlenecks.

Key Features and Benefits#

  • Effortless Resource Optimization: Our Managed vPA addon continuously monitors your workloads and automatically adjusts resource requests and limits, optimizing application performance without manual intervention.

  • Improved Efficiency: Ensure that your containers have just the right amount of resources they need, eliminating over-provisioning and saving on infrastructure costs.

  • Application Stability: vPA prevents resource-related performance issues, ensuring your applications remain stable, responsive, and available.

  • Scaling Adaptation: As your workloads scale, vPA adapts resource allocations accordingly, maintaining consistent performance.

  • Auto Remediation: vPA can automatically address resource issues, helping to keep your applications running smoothly even under resource spikes.