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ArgoCD is installed as part of GitOps Operator Dominator chart from SAAP-addons repository, along with other managed-addons owned by Team Dominator.

Installing OpenShift GitOps Operator Chart#

ArgoCD can be installed seamlessly in your Red Hat OpenShift environment through the Red Hat OpenShift GitOps Operator. This operator simplifies the installation process by providing a standardized way to manage GitOps tooling, including ArgoCD.

RedHat OpenShift GitOps Operator chart is available in SAAP-addons repository. By installing the Helm chart, you can quickly set up ArgoCD with default configurations and settings.

During the installation process, a subscription is created to install the GitOps Operator. This subscription ensures that you have access to the latest version of the operator and can receive updates and bug fixes seamlessly. The operator is responsible for managing the ArgoCD deployment and keeping it up to date.

In addition to the operator, an operator group is also installed as part of the setup. The operator group is used to define the scope and target namespace for the operator, allowing for effective management and control over the ArgoCD deployment within your OpenShift environment.

By leveraging the Red Hat OpenShift GitOps Operator, installing ArgoCD becomes a streamlined process. You can easily manage and update your ArgoCD deployment while benefiting from the rich ecosystem and support provided by Red Hat and the OpenShift platform.

Installing OpenShift GitOps Instance Chart#

A second GitOps Operator Instance Helm chart, also available in SAAP-addons repository, installs the instance for GitOps Operator. This Helm chart enables you to customize the behavior of the operator according to your specific requirements.

By installing the GitOps Operator Instance Helm chart, you create two essential Custom Resources: App Project and ArgoCD.

The ArgoCD Custom Resource is particularly significant as it allows you to define various configurations for your ArgoCD instance. These configurations include the ArgoCD-server, which is responsible for the core functionality of ArgoCD. Additionally, you can define configurations for Grafana and Prometheus, enabling you to monitor the health and performance of your ArgoCD deployment.

Furthermore, the ArgoCD Custom Resource allows you to define RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) configurations, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the ArgoCD instance. You can also configure the repo-server, which manages the synchronization of your application manifests stored in a version control repository.

For high availability scenarios, the ArgoCD Custom Resource enables you to configure a ha-server, ensuring redundancy and fault tolerance. Finally, you can define configurations for the controller, which is responsible for orchestrating deployments and managing the lifecycle of your applications.

By utilizing the GitOps Operator Instance Helm chart and customizing the ArgoCD Custom Resource, you have fine-grained control over the configuration and behavior of your ArgoCD instance. This empowers you to tailor ArgoCD to meet your specific deployment needs and ensures a highly efficient and secure continuous deployment workflow.