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Tekton is a cloud-native, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) solution for building pipelines. Tekton is a flexible, Kubernetes-native, open-source CI/CD framework that enables automating deployments across multiple platforms (Kubernetes, serverless, VMs, etc) by abstracting away the underlying detail.


Tekton is a standalone project that provides an open, standard and native Kubernetes CI/CD solution.

Main goals:

  1. Faster
  2. Declarative
  3. Reproducible
  4. Cloud Native

Tekton Pipeline Benefits#

  1. Kubernetes native pipelines
  2. Runs pipelines in containers
  3. Runs server-less
  4. Build images with Kubernetes tools
  5. Deploy to multiple platforms
  6. Developer tools
  7. Decoupled

Tekton Concepts#

Tekton defines a number of Kubernetes custom resources as building blocks in order to standardize pipeline concepts and provide a terminology that is consistent across CI/CD solutions:

  • Step: Smallest unit of execution that defines Kubernetes container spec
  • Task: Run commands within container
  • Task Run: Runtime representation of an execution of a task
  • Pipeline Resources: Acts as input or output to tasks and pipelines. Example, source code, container image, pull request etc.
  • Pipeline: Runs tasks in a defined order based on inputs and outputs
  • Pipeline Run: Runtime representation of an execution of a pipeline
  • Conditions: Conditional tasks in pipeline

Pipeline Workflow#


Continuous Integration/Delivery#

For Continuous Integration/Delivery we can use triggers and webhooks:

  1. Webhook: Send payload to event-listener whenever a push event or a pull request is created. More on webhooks
  2. Triggers:
    • Event Listeners: Listen to events over a route
    • Trigger Templates: Template generated PipelineResources & PipelineRun based on event
    • Trigger Bindings: Extract info out of payload to be used in trigger templates
    • Interceptors: Filtration of events and payload

Trigger Workflow#