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Configuring a Keycloak identity provider#

The Keycloak instance provided by Stakater is only for managing access to the managed addons of SAAP. To configure a Keycloak identity provider for your own applications:

  1. In the realm you want to provide access, create a new Client:

    • Client ID: ap-broker
    • Name: Stakater Agility Platform - Broker (OR whatever is suitable)
    • Enabled: ON
    • Client Protocol: openid-connect
    • Access Type: Confidential
    • Standard Flow Enabled: ON
    • Service Accounts Enabled: ON
    • Authorization Enabled: ON
    • Redirect URI: Ask Stakater Support team to provide the redirect URI
  2. On the newly created Client, go to the Credentials tab and copy the Secret mentioned there

  3. Provide Stakater with the copied secret, so Stakater can set up authentication for your Keycloak

Items provided by Stakater Support#

  • Redirect URIs

Items to be provided to Stakater Support#

  • Client ID
  • client Secret