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Configuring a Keycloak identity provider

In the realm you want to provide access, create a new Client:

  • Client ID: ap-broker
  • Name: Stakater Agility Platform - Broker (OR whatever is suitable)
  • Enabled: ON
  • Client Protocol: openid-connect
  • Access Type: Confidential
  • Standard Flow Enabled: ON
  • Service Accounts Enabled: ON
  • Authorization Enabled: ON
  • Redirect URI: Ask Stakater Support team to provide the redirect URI

Now on the newly created Client; go to Credentials tab and copy the Secret mentioned there. That is the secret Stakater team will be needing in order to authenticate your keycloak.

Items provided by Stakater Support

  • Redirect URIs

Items to be provided to Stakater Support

  • Client ID
  • client Secret

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