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We understand the significance of managing Kubernetes costs while ensuring the efficient use of resources in your containerized environment. That's why we provide the OpenCost managed addon as an integral part of our SAAP (Stakater App Agility Platform) to help you take control of your Kubernetes spending.

Key Features and Benefits#

  • Cost Allocation: OpenCost offers detailed insights into the cost breakdown of your Kubernetes workloads, enabling you to allocate expenses accurately to different teams, projects, or departments.

  • Resource Optimization: Identify resource-intensive workloads and areas where cost savings can be achieved, allowing you to make informed decisions about resource allocation.

  • Chargeback: Implement a transparent cost-sharing model by easily charging individual teams or projects for their Kubernetes resource usage.

  • Custom Reporting: Generate custom reports and gain visibility into the financial aspects of your Kubernetes cluster to enhance cost control.