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In the world of container orchestration and cloud-native applications, efficient traffic routing and ingress management are critical. OpenShift Router, an essential component within the Stakater App Agility Platform (SAAP), plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your applications are seamlessly accessible, secure, and scalable.

Key Features and Benefits#

  • Ingress Routing: OpenShift Router acts as the ingress controller, enabling you to route external traffic to services running within your OpenShift clusters. It manages the incoming requests and forwards them to the appropriate destinations.

  • Load Balancing: The Router implements load balancing for incoming traffic, distributing requests among the relevant pods and services to optimize performance and availability.

  • Route Management: With OpenShift Router, you can efficiently manage routes for your applications, ensuring that each application receives its dedicated URL and domain configuration.

  • TLS Termination: It supports TLS termination, allowing you to secure traffic by terminating TLS/SSL certificates at the Router, before routing traffic to your applications.

  • Scalability: OpenShift Router is designed to scale with your application needs, ensuring that your ingress management remains reliable as your workloads expand.