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Login and browse#

Customer nexus endpoints and their purpose#

URL Name Purpose
https://nexus-openshift-stakater-nexus.{{ route_subdomain }} Nexus base URL for web view. A dashboard where you can view all the repositories and settings.
https://nexus-docker-openshift-stakater-nexus.{{ route_subdomain }} Nexus docker repository endpoint. It points toward the docker repository in nexus, used to pull and push images.
https://nexus-docker-proxy-openshift-stakater-nexus.{{ route_subdomain }} Nexus docker repository proxy. This is a proxy URL that points towards Docker Hub, used to pull images from Docker Hub.
https://nexus-helm-openshift-stakater-nexus.{{ route_subdomain }}/repository/helm-charts/ Nexus Helm repository. This is the nexus Helm repository endpoint, used to pull and push Helm charts.
https://nexus-repository-openshift-stakater-nexus.{{ route_subdomain }}/repository/ Nexus Maven repository. This is the nexus Maven repository endpoint, used for Maven apps.

We also support whitelisting for these endpoints. Please contact support if you want to enable whitelisting for specific IPs.

Explore Nexus#

  • You can find the Nexus link on Forecastle
  • For the first time it will ask you for username and email. Please note that you should use the correct email address there, the one registered with Stakater. If you happen to register with wrong email address and get locked out. Please contact Stakater support for resolution.
  • Automatically you will be granted this role nexus-oauth-viewer
  • If you would like to have another role; please contact Stakater support