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Here is the list of fully managed addons available on Stakater App Agility Platform:

Managed AddOn Description
Logging ElasticSearch, Fluentd and Kibana
Monitoring Grafana, Prometheus, Thanos and Alertmanager
CI (continuous integration) Tekton
CD (continuous delivery) ArgoCD
Internal alerting Alertmanager
Service mesh Istio, Kiali and Jaeger (only one fully managed control plane)
Image scanning Trivy
Backups & Recovery Velero
Authentication an SSO (for managed addons) Keycloak, OAuth Proxy
Secrets management Vault
Artifacts management (Docker, Helm and Package registry) Nexus
Code inspection SonarQube
Authorization & Policy Enforcement Open Policy Agent, Gatekeeper
Log alerting Stakater Konfigurator
External (downtime) alerting Stakater IMC, UptimeRobot (free tier)
Automatic application reload Stakater Reloader
Developer dashboard - Launchpad to discover applications Stakater Forecastle
Multi-tenancy Stakater Multi Tenant Operator
Feature environments, Preview Environments, Environments-as-a-Service Stakater Tronador
Replicate secrets & configmaps Stakater Multi Tenant Operator
GitOps application manager Stakater Fabrikate
Management and issuance of TLS certificates cert-manager
Automated base image management Renovate
Advanced cluster security RHACS
Automatic volume extension Volume Expander Operator
Vertical pod autoscaling Vertical Pod Autoscaling
Horizontal pod autoscaling Horizontal Pod Autoscaling
Dora metrics Pelorus
Declarative resource patching Patch Operator
Ingress controller OpenShift Router
Kubernetes event routing Event Router
Lock manager RDLM
Local development Tilt
Showback OpenCost
Kubernetes dashboard Kubernetes Dashboard
Software defined storage OpenShift Data Foundation - ODF
Custom metrics autoscaler Custom Metrics Autoscaler
Dev Spaces Dev Spaces
DNS handling External DNS
Leader application chart Stakater Application Helm Chart
Web terminal Web Terminal Operator
Intrusion detection Falco (coming soon)
Internal development portal/platform Backstage (coming soon)

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