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Welcome to the administration section, your comprehensive guide to mastering administration of the SAAP ecosystem. This section equips you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques needed to excel in monitoring and maintaining your OpenShift cluster with SAAP . Whether you're just getting started or seeking to refine your environment , we've organized our content into following categories to cater to Administrators at every level:


  • Privileged Roles Available in SAAP

    As your organization embraces our SAAP Managed Platform, it's important to understand how privileged roles play a key role. Here we explain how these roles give certain individuals special access to make sure everything runs smoothly and is well-managed.

How-To Guides#

  • Plan your Environment

    Sizing and planning your environment for our managed platform is easy with a thoughtful approach. Assess your needs, consider available resources, and use this overview to guide you in creating a well-organized plan. This ensures a smooth and scalable experience tailored to your requirements.

  • Secure your Cluster

    This how-to guide provides a comprehensive overview on securing your clusters through various identity providers. Learn step-by-step instructions to enhance the security of your environment, exploring different authentication methods to safeguard your clusters effectively.

  • Whitelisting IPs on Routes

    Follow step-by-step instructions to discover an easy guide on securing your OpenShift routes using IP Whitelisting. Learn how to limit access to specific IP addresses, boosting your cluster's security. This guide ensures a straightforward way to strengthen and control your OpenShift environment.