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Build and Push your Image to Nexus


  • Push artifacts to Nexus Registry hosted on Stakater App Agility Platform (SAAP).

Key Results

  • Image built and pushed to image repository


Build the Image

  1. Run the following command to build the image.

    buildah bud --format=docker --tls-verify=false --no-cache-f ./Dockerfile -t <nexus-docker-reg-url>/<app-name>:1.0.0 .
  2. Run the following command to run the image.

    # -p flag exposes container port 8080 on your local port8080
    buildah run <nexus-docker-reg-url>/<app-name>:1.0.0 .

Login to Image Registry

  1. Find the Image registry URL here or Navigate to the cluster Forecastle, search nexus using the search bar on top menu and copy the nexus url.

    • nexus-docker-reg-url: Remove https:// from the start and add -docker in URL after nexus. This URL points to Docker Registry referred as nexus-docker-reg-url in this tutorial for example
  2. Run following command to log into the registry. > Make sure to get credentials from Stakater Admin.

    buildah login <nexus-docker-reg-url>

Push Docker Image to Nexus

  1. Replace the placeholders and Run the following command inside application folder.

    # Buldah Bud Info :
    buildah bud --format=docker --tls-verify=false --no-cache -f ./Dockerfile -t <nexus-docker-reg-url>/<app-name>:1.0.0 .
  2. Lets push the image to nexus docker repo.

    # Buildah push Info
    buildah push <nexus-docker-reg-url>/<app-name>:1.0.0 docker://<nexus-docker-reg-url>/<tenant-name>/<app-name>:1.0.0

Verify Image Available

  1. Open Nexus UI from Forecastle. Upon opening the link, you'll be redirected to Nexus home page.

nexus-Forecastle nexus-homepage

  1. Select Browse from the left sidebar, Click on docker to view your Container Image Registry.


  1. Verify that the image you pushed is present in the list.


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