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Application Uptime

We use Uptime Robot to monitor uptime for applications. Whenever an application goes down, it alerts us that application endpoint is down. You can use email or Slack or other integrations for it.

Automating Using Ingress Monitor Controller

IMC is a tool that watches for ingress/routes in your cluster and creates liveness alerts using third party uptime checkers.

It's part of the SRE offerings from Stakater Cloud, is deployed by default and can be configured by the end user based on their needs.

Problem Statement

We will be having multiple routes/ingresses and we want to automate it so that whenever a new route/ingress is added, we add it in Uptime. So IMC automates it.

NOTE: Currently IMC is not working for OpenShift, so we have added a manual entry in Uptime, but we are working to add support for OpenShift.

Sample Configuration

For configuring IMC end user has to create a secret imc-config in stakater-system namespace that adds the required configuration for IMC. A sample configuration for using IMC with UptimeRobot would look like:

apiVersion: v1
      - name: UptimeRobot
        apiKey: IMC_API_KEY
        alertContacts: "IMC_ALERT_CONTACTS"
    enableMonitorDeletion: true
    monitorNameTemplate: "{{.IngressName}}-{{.Namespace}}"
    resyncPeriod: 0
kind: Secret
  name: imc-config
  namespace: stakater-system
type: Opaque

Where the following variables need to be replaced with their corresponding values:

  • IMC_API_KEY: API key of the monitor service provider
  • IMC_ALERT_CONTACTS: Alert contacts for the monitor service provider

For further details

Refer to: Configuring IMC

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