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We understand the critical need for keeping the Docker images and Helm charts up-to-date to ensure the performance, security, and stability of your containerized applications. Renovate, is available as a managed addon in our SAAP platform, simplifies and automates this process.

Key Features and Benefits#

  • Automated Dependency Monitoring: Renovate continuously scans your repositories, identifying new versions of Docker images and Helm charts in your dependencies.

  • Automatic Pull Requests (PRs): Renovate generates Pull Requests (PRs) with the necessary updates, making it effortless for your development teams to review, approve, and apply these updates.

  • Customizable Scheduling: Renovate empowers you to tailor the update scheduling, aligning it with your team's workflow to minimize disruptions.

  • Enhanced Security: Renovate ensures you're consistently using the latest, most secure, and reliable versions of Docker images and Helm charts, reducing vulnerability risks.

  • Insightful Change Tracking: Gain comprehensive insights into the changes in your dependencies through detailed changelogs, helping you make informed decisions on updates.

How-to guides#