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How to configure Maven project with nexus repository?#

Define Environment Variables#


Before using this file, please make sure to provide values for environment variables i.e. NEXUS_USERNAME , NEXUS_PASSWORD and MAVEN_MIRROR_URL.

Mac / Linux#

For Mac or Linux users, one can set these environment values in .bashrc or .bash_profile. These files live under user's home directory. Use cd ~ to navigate to home directory. If file is missing, you can create it. Follow below steps to add the environment values:

  1. Open .bashrc or .bash_profile in your favourite editor.
  2. Paste below lines and set your actual environment values. You can find the credentials in Vault on this path: secrets/managed-addons/nexus

    export NEXUS_USERNAME=username
    export NEXUS_PASSWORD=password
  3. Save and exit the file and run below command in terminal:

    source ~/.bash_profile
  4. You can start using Maven commands now. If it does not work, try restarting the terminal once.

  5. Read more about .bashrc and .bash_profile online if you want to decide between the two.


For Windows users, follow below steps to add environment values:

  1. Press Windows key and search environment
  2. Click on search result: Edit environment variables for your account
  3. Add your values under User Variables. Save the changes.
  4. Try maven command in a new terminal, if it does not work, logout and login your user.

Configure settings.xml#

If you are using Maven dependencies from nexus repository, make sure to do changes in settings.xml file in .m2 folder. Below is the sample settings.xml file which you can use or refer to.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <!--Enable snapshots for the built in central repo to direct -->
        <!--all requests to nexus via the mirror -->
        <!--make the profile active all the time -->