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Stakater provisions the Stakater App Agility Platform (SAAP) and takes first application to production in less than four weeks on the cloud of your choice!

Customer Data Collected#

This is a complete list of the customer data and permissions needed for getting started with SAAP:

  • Stakater asks customer if they want logging enabled - logging is optional
  • Stakater needs to know which cloud provider the customer is using
  • Stakater asks the customer what Identity Provider is used for the cloud provider
  • Stakater asks the customer to create a user in their cloud provider and download the credentials
  • Stakater asks if the customer has any preference for their cluster name
  • Stakater needs permissions to git repo access to set up pipelines - pipeline setup is optional

Week 1 - Provisioning - Free#

  • Provision SAAP on the cloud of your choice
    • Stakater can arrange exclusive offers with cloud providers
  • Configure access to systems
  • On-boarding session and knowledge sharing
  • Configure SSO

Week 2-4 - Application Migration - Time and Material - Optional#

  • Select the first application or group of applications that work together
    • Setup infrastructure and application GitOps repositories for deploying application and dependent configurations
    • Setup tenant operator configuration and decide on the number of environments if required
    • Divide applications into microservices and containerize them
    • Deploy the application onto the cluster using Kubernetes Resources. List out secret required, dependent services, databases, storage requirements and implement them accordingly.
    • Deploy Kubernetes Resources using Stakater Developed Helm Chart on the environment chosen - prod, stage, test, dev - in the application GitOps configuration
    • Implement CI pipeline for the application if required. Deploy Tekton CI pipeline using the Stakater Tekton Chart
    • Implement monitoring, logging, validation/testing frameworks or any additional tools for the application
    • Validate
  • Educate team on key concepts

Next steps#

  • Reach out to Stakater for migrating next application, or
  • Self-serviced migration of next application

Customer Responsibilities#

  • Provide timely access to necessary people, systems, and information from relevant departments and teams
  • Thorough engagement from management and teams

Stakater Team#

  • Dedicated team
    • Project management: 20-40%
    • Solution architect: 50%
    • AppDev consultant: 100%


  • First application live as container with cloud native CI/CD workflow
  • Up-skilled team with key concepts of cloud native containerized workflow

Customer Data Processing#

This is a complete list of how customer data is processed in SAAP:

  • Logs and events for Kubernetes resources are stored in ElasticSearch which is deployed in the customer's cluster
  • Customer's cluster is deployed in the account of the customer's cloud provider
  • Logs are retained for 7 days unless the customer requests otherwise
  • In case customer wants to forward events to a data store they can do that optionally
  • Infrastructure alerts are sent to Stakater Slack for incident management
  • Application alerts are sent to ElasticSearch and can optionally be sent to Stakater Slack if requested