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Local development#

Sometimes you need to run Renovate locally to be able to troubleshoot issues or verify local configurations.

Config validation#

To validate your Renovate configuration:

  1. Install Renovate locally
  2. Run renovate-config-validator <config-file>, for example:

    $ renovate-config-validator renovate.json
    DEBUG: Using RE2 as regex engine
    (node:15692) [DEP0040] DeprecationWarning: The `punycode` module is deprecated. Please use a userland alternative instead.
    (Use `node --trace-deprecation ...` to show where the warning was created)
    INFO: Validating renovate.json
    INFO: Config validated successfully

Run Renovate locally#

To run Renovate locally:

  1. Install Renovate locally: brew install renovate

  2. If you use encrypted secrets in the configuration and you want to use the local configuration file, you need to create locally encrypted secrets

    1. Create a local copy of the index file in Mend Renovate App secrets encryption
    2. Replace the public key in the local html, see privateKey config
    3. Encrypt any passwords and replace them temporarily in the local config file
    4. RENOVATE_CONFIG_FILE should point to the local config file
    5. RENOVATE_PRIVATE_KEY_PATH must be set
  3. RENOVATE_TOKEN need to be created and set
  4. LOG_LEVEL should be set as applicable
  5. Run a dry-run from anywhere because it clones the repo in a cached location: renovate --dry-run="full" --require-config="ignored" "stakater/saap-docs"