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  • Velero doesn't overwrite objects in-cluster if they already exist.
  • Velero supports a single set of credentials per provider. It's not yet possible to use different credentials for different object storage locations for the same provider.
  • Volume snapshots are limited by where your provider allows you to create snapshots. For example, AWS and Azure do not allow you to create a volume snapshot in a different region than where the volume is located. If you try to take a Velero backup using a volume snapshot location with a different region than where your cluster's volume is, the backup will fail.
  • It is not yet possible to send a single Velero backup to multiple backup storage locations simultaneously, or a single volume snapshot to multiple locations simultaneously. However, you can set up multiple backups manually or scheduled that differ only in the storage locations.
  • Cross-provider snapshots are not supported. If you have a cluster with more than one type of volume (e.g. NFS and Ceph), but you only have a volume snapshot location configured for NFS, then Velero will only snapshot the NFS volumes.
  • Restic data is stored under a prefix/subdirectory of the main Velero bucket and will go into the bucket corresponding backup storage location selected by the user at backup creation time.
  • When performing cluster migration, the new cluster number of nodes should be equal or greater than the original cluster.

For more information about storage and snapshot locations, refer to Velero: Backup Storage Locations and Volume Snapshot Locations.