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Velero CLI setup

For Velero related tasks/sample. It's better to setup the Velero CLI. It can perform various task against the Velero server deployed on the cluster.

Download the appropriate release from here and then follow the steps:

Note: Below commands are Linux specific

  1. Open a command line and change directory to the Velero CLI download.
  2. To unzip the download file:

    tar -xzf velero-<VERSION>-<PLATFORM>.tar.gz
    cd velero-<VERSION>-<PLATFORM>/
  3. To change the permissions and put the Velero CLI in the system path:

    chmod +x velero
  4. To make the Velero CLI globally available, move the CLI to the system path:

    cp velero /usr/local/bin/velero
  5. Verify the installation:

    velero version

    Should see something like:

    velero version
        Version: v1.4.2

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