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Stakater Tekton Chart


Tekton pipelines need a lot of components that need to be deployed to configure a working pipeline. This makes Tekton hard to manage. To overcome this problem, we at Stakater have create the Stakater Tekton Chart. Stakater Tekton Chart is a Helm chart that wraps all components needed by a Tekton pipeline.

Tekton Chart Components

The chart contains templates for all required Tekton resources such as pipeline, task, eventlistener, triggers, etc.

Most of the complexity abstracted away using our Tekton pipeline chart.

chart-structure.png Some key things to note above are:

  • eventlistener - listens to incoming events like a push to a branch.
  • trigger - the eventlistener specifies a trigger which in turn specifies:
    • interceptor - it receives data from the event
    • triggerbinding - extracts values from the event interceptor
    • triggertemplate - defines pipeline run resource template in its definition which in turn references the pipeline

Note: We do not need to define interceptor and trigger templates in every trigger while using stakater Tekton pipeline chart.

  • pipeline - this is the pipeline definition, it wires together all the items above (workspaces, tasks & secrets etc) into a useful & reusable set of activities.
  • tasks - these are the building blocks of Tekton. They are the custom resources that take parameters and run steps on the shell of a provided image. They can produce results and share workspaces with other tasks.

To learn more about Stakater Tekton Chart, please visit Stakater Tekton Chart repository

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