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Which clouds are supported by Stakater Agility Platform?#

See Cloud provider overview.

What does Stakater Agility Platform include?#

Each Stakater Agility Platform cluster comes with a fully-managed control plane, infra nodes and application nodes. Installation, management, maintenance, and upgrades are performed by Stakater SRE. Operational services (such as logging, metrics, monitoring, etc.) are available as well and are fully managed by Stakater SRE.

What is the current version of Red Hat OpenShift running in Stakater Agility Platform?#

OpenShift Container Platform 4.12.

How is Stakater Agility Platform different than Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform?#

Stakater Agility Platform uses the same code base as Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, but is installed in an opinionated way—optimized for performance, scalability, and security. Stakater Agility Platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure, AWS and/or Google public cloud managed by Stakater. Some options and administrative functions are restricted or unavailable on Stakater Agility Platform.

Is there any element in Stakater Agility Platform shared with other customers? Or is everything independent?#

Each Stakater Agility Platform cluster is dedicated to a given customer and lives within the customer's subscription/account.